When I think about sweet, I think about honey, and when I think about honey, I think about my younger sister. She is a professional beekeeper in France.

I have had the chance to see from up close how honey is produced. Particularly impressive is the thick unfiltered substance that comes straight from the honeycombs.

It made me think about artists, writers, bloggers. The end result may look clean, but the raw material usually isn’t. Just like honey — my contribution to this week’s WordPress photo challenge: Sweet.

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Miel de Salice

Cherry blossom


We live in Amstelveen, a municipality adjacent to Amsterdam and home to the largest Japanese community in the Netherlands.

At walking distance from the city centre but somewhat hidden lies the Bloesempark (‘blossom park’). The park’s 400 cherry trees were gifted to the city by the members of the Japanese Women’s Club. Funny detail; all trees have names, 200 male, 200 female.

Every year in spring, the Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated here. Japanese and other citizens gather beneath the blossoming cherry trees to celebrate hanami, ‘flower viewing’.

Easily overlooked, the Bloesempark is a real gem. If you ask me, it’s by far the most beautiful spot in Amstelveen. If you happen to visit Amsterdam in the future, definitely worth a tour!